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Bestselling author, editor, journalist, keynote speaker and former Editor in chief of Vogue Australia.

Kirstie Clements Portrait


Kirstie writes regularly for a number of high-end fashion and lifestyle publications. 


Kirstie is a best-selling author of six books to date. What are they? 


Kirstie offers a one-on-one mentoring service for career advice and guidance.


Copywritng for a host of premium brands in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty space. 


With a long history in the media and fashion world, Kirstie is an experienced speaker, host and panel moderator.

A few notable projects

Australian Why Did I Buy That book cover

"It's possible to both love fashion and see through it at the same time ... Kirstie Clements is a very wise woman."

Laura Brown, Editor-in-Chief, InStyle

Why Did I Buy That?
Fashion mistakes, life lessons
Kirstie Clements has seen trends come and go and knows true style when she sees it. No matter what changes, some things will always remain the same, like a classic loafer for making you feel more comfortable in your own skin, or a great winter coat to take you through more than one season. Why Did I Buy That? is for those with an interest in style and fashion who want to know what to wear, what to buy and how to age stylishly in these changing times. This is the ultimate insider handbook, delivered with realism and humour. Sharing personal stories, musings on fashion trends and thoughts on everything from gender to politics, Why Did I Buy That? is about how to edit your wardrobe and lifestyle with panache, how to live decadently on a budget and how to spend your money more wisely. Oh, and how to kick ass in your career with a well-chosen blazer. Including loads of clever style hints and tips, Why Did I Buy That? will take you by the hand and lead you confidently through what often seems like a daunting fashion landscape. 
Australian book cover for The Vogue Factor

The Vogue Factor

The inside story of fashion’s most illustrious magazine

Impressive –
How to have a Stylish Career

The question that Kirstie Clements, former editor-in-chief of Vogue, bestselling author of The Vogue Factor, columnist and judge on Australia’s Next Top Model, has most often been asked in her career at the pinnacle of fashion is ‘How do I get my dream job?’.
Entry into the so-called glamour industries has always been highly competitive but never more so than now – and you may only have one shot at getting your foot in the door. However, the skills that are necessary for success haven’t changed.
In Impressive, How to Have a Stylish Career, Kirstie, and a dazzling array of industry insiders, from top executives to leading fashion designers, give their expert opinions on how to get the job you want, get noticed and get ahead, and handle things in style – at work, and everywhere else in life!
Impressive delivers straight forward and relevant fashion, style and grooming advice to suit any budget, and is packed with insider information to help you look the part and present like a professional. This book covers off all the basics: the importance of a degree, how to prepare for a job interview and how to work your way to the top. Impressive tackles the subject of manners, etiquette and work ethics and delivers more than a few pertinent career do’s and don’ts, all recommended by leading professionals. Think of it as a must have guide book, one which will put you far ahead of the fashion pack.

"An insider's account of how to break into the fashion industry." 

Candice Lake

Australian book cover for Impressive. How to have a stylish career
Kirstie can appreciate an idea or a see a spark in a person before the rest of the world can. In my case, she was one of the first real supporters of my independent magazine, Inprint, and a huge collaborator on that. She has been my agony aunt, mentor and friend, it has been a very well rounded and amazing experience.  


Megha Kapoor, Editor VOGUE India 

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